the e-learner

We worked with NXT LVL to help them offer their knowledge to their user base in an easy to digest format.


How did we make NXT LVL, performance coaches for the business world, help more people better than ever?


We designed and developed an online training platform that enables NXT LVL to run workshops digitally.

atomic-inspired template composition

Why do things multiple times when you can just do them once? 

We created a modular approach so the same building blocks can be used in multiple course templates, then those templates can be cloned into instances, saving on hours of work, allowing the same course to be run over and over again with just the click of a button.

student-teacher friendly

An administrative backend that’s easy to navigate and simple to scale.

Intuitive flow for students and teachers alike, with progress bars and useful prompts for advancing their learning to the NXT LVL.

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